This & That Podcast

Steve and KT Smith are a husband-and-wife duo in the country music and bluegrass scene. While they have their own separate worlds within the music industry, the couple is also well known as funny, quick-witted, and entertaining hosts to watch and listen to on podcasts, radio, and award shows.

Steve Smith is an accomplished singer/songwriter and has won numerous banjo competitions, charted #1 for 3 weeks in Australia, opened up for many national acts, and performed on albums for other artists. In 2018, Steve was featured in a book titled Songwriting in Contemporary West Virginia: Profiles and Reflections by Travis Stimeling.

KT Smith helps keep balance out the pair behind the scenes in the office while running her social media management business, which helps organizations and businesses strategize and run effective Facebook business ads.

After years of following her husband around on tour, KT had a mic put in her hand one day on stage beside Steve, and since then, the pair have hosted a variety of events including the pre show at the legendary Wheeling Jamboree, the Maryland State Banjo, Fiddle, and Mandolin Championships, and many others.